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About XR Development
XR is a combination of virtual and real worlds. This concept includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented (AR) and Mixed (MR) Reality.
Augmented Reality (AR)

Displaying additional graphic elements with reference to real objects. Adapted for mobile devices.
Virtual Reality (VR)
A fully simulated virtual world, with a panoramic view and possible interaction through vision, touch, hearing, etc.
Mixed Reality (MR)
The MR technology is close to AR, but adapted for helmets and glasses with additional cameras.
Our projects
Industrial safety simulator for the metal industry
This vr-simulator allows you to work with tools familiar to plant workers and clearly shows the results of non-compliance with safety procedures and possible damage from violation of SOPs.

The incredible realism of the processes and factory interior coupled with gamification elements significantly increases the involvement and speed of staff training.
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Visualization of the Step Logic data center - the official CISCO server equipment distributor
VR-visualization of server rooms based on BIM data, with an ability to move around them - to demonstrate company solutions at IT conferences.
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Development of the VR-Shooting Club project for the international forum Russia-Africa
The VR Shooting Club project is an interactive virtual shooting gallery that has no analogues and consists of many elements:

- Various maps and terrain;
- A variety of weapons to shoot;
- Realistic ballistics;

- A user scoring system;

- The ability to conduct competitions for users located in different places - even different countries.

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Development of a VR showroom for the DOM.RF company
As part of a partnership with Dom.rf, the leader of devising comfort class rental housing in Russia, we've participated in creating of Russia's first VR showroom for rental housing. We've diligently built visualizations of four comfort class residential complexes located in Moscow , complete with interactive VR tours. In total, we've visualized more than 30 layouts with full furnishings and various color schemes.

The following work has been done for the project:

  • Modelling layouts for working in VR with different content;
  • Creation of 3D tours for web sites and social networks based on previously created VR apartment models;
  • Renderings for sites and booklets;
  • Compiling synoptic videos.
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The "Time Machine. Battle of Poltava" educational VR-content
● Visualization of the battlefield and the course of the battle
● Historical speech of Peter I before the battle
● Description of authentic guns used by soldiers

Allows you to become a participant in the event of a bygone era and experience the contemporary atmosphere, while learning about the smallest details of events that played a crucial role in the establishment of Russia as a great power.
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Development of a VR solution for a luxury real estate complex

● Visualization of luxury apartments
● Unrestricted movement
● Interactive environment allowing to fashion a desired interior
● Optimized for mobile devices
FullBody VR Game Content "The Way of Dragon"
The Way of Dragon VR– a fantasy world quest taking players on a magical adventure to meet mythical creatures, master various weapons and magic and fight a dragon!

The unsurpassed special effects and the mesmerizing scale of this game perfectly shows the competence of our developers.
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Commercial VR content for SpaceBit company
Spacebit is a British company engaged in development and launch of small research satellites aimed at collecting a variety of data in low and medium orbit.

This content was developed specifically for the presentation of the company's new project within the framework of the International Economic Forum in Davos (WEF 2018) program. It allows the user to experience being an astronaut on a futuristic space station and even range out into outer space for several minutes.
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The "Living Portraits" AR-project
This project was developed for the government of the Moscow region. Within the framework of the project a "living museum" was created, where portraits of prominent historical figures were installed and transformed when looked at through a smart phone or tablet with a special application installed.
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"Crypto-Ninja VR" game tailored for an exhibition
The project was rolled out at the "Crypto Summit Armenia 2018" - a large-scale event attended by major businessmen of the country, a large number of international speakers and representatives of the country's political elite.

The scale of the event was 4,500 people, with a duration of 3 days.
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FullBody VR Space Game "Space Troopers"
Space Troopers VR– A space-age "shooter" pitting players against alien creatures and puzzles, wile conducting a rescue mission on a distant planet.

It is in great demand at our site in Moscow.
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Development of a VR training simulator for the largest Russian oil company

● Increase occupational safety
● Reduce unplanned downtime risks
● Improve personnel readiness to handle emergencies by working out dangerous scenarios in virtual reality

We're able to accomodate several users and a coach in a single VR session, regardless of their location, thereby significantly reducing logistics costs for training.
Development of the "VR-teleportation" project for the tourism industry of Doha
VR-teleportation is an opportunity to visit any country and get acquainted with its landmarks, culture and tourist sites without leaving your home. This project is intended to visually tell tourists about Qatar and Doha on the eve of the World Cup, which will be held there in 2022.

The project features:
  • Visualisation of any objects and areas, from a room to a whole city;
  • Ability to create a wide information field, from text to video materials;
  • The ability to interact with a virtual environment, such as to make an online purchase or reservation;
  • Optimized for mobile devicesЖ
  • The ability to get a real experience of visiting any place without physical movement.
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This list could be larger, but some projects are protected by NDA or are currently being finished.
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Project Costs
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XR software development
From 3500 USD.
  • Help in writing technical tasks
  • Create a working prototype
  • Content Development
  • Testing
  • Software Transfer
  • Support
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Interactive stand software
From 2 000 USD.
  • Help in writing technical tasks
  • Create a working prototype
  • Content Development
  • Testing
  • Software Transfer
  • Support
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VR equipment rental
From 300 USD.
  • A complete set of equipment
  • All games available in the library
  • Ability to install your software
  • On site delivery of equipment
  • Operator chaperon
  • Minimum rental period - 3 hours
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